Moonrockets by Fukushima – Sativa

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Moonrockets are an all bud Fukushima prerolled joint soaked with clear distillate and then covered in high-quality keifs. Proceed with caution, high “green out” factor with these beasts. Moonrockets™ are Canada best selling and favourite preroll. Get them right here at!

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Moonrockets by Fukushima – Sativa

Not all pre-rolls are created equal. Here at, we are charged with bringing London only the best of the best with no fluff. Hence, Fukushima Moonrockets. They come in a countless variety of indicas and sativas. They all share the same trait…they will knock your socks off!

Moonrockets™ are an all bud Fukushima™ prerolled joint soaked with strain-specific clear terp sauce and then covered in high-quality golden keifs. Proceed with caution, there’s a high “green out” factor with these beauts. Moonrockets™ are Canada best selling and favourite preroll.

What does Fukushima have to say about their Moonrockets?

“We are all doomed. At Fukushima Preroll Factory™ this dark reality was the driving force to create some of the most desirable pre-rolled joints available anywhere. What better way to hide from reality. After securing some cheap real estate located deep within The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant our top-secret joint-rolling facility was born.

We proudly source the highest quality raw materials from Vancouver Island, smuggle them using chariots drawn by the infamous Fukushima radioactive wild boars. At Fukushima Preroll Factory™ we use the latest in joint rolling technology and our own grinding and finishing processes. We guarantee that our pre-rolls are the smoothest, even pulling, clean-burning pre-rolls on the market today.”

Lol. Good times at Fukushima.

3 reviews for Moonrockets by Fukushima – Sativa

  1. Don (verified owner)

    Perfect for an evening in.

  2. Katie C. (verified owner)

    These are always AMAZING! These really are quite the treat 😉

  3. sophia vardas (verified owner)

    Love wish u could buy in a pack

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