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Forest City Cookie forestcitygreen

Forest City Cookie (150mg THC)

We have finally perfected our Cannabutter blend into our all new FOREST CITY COOKIES! Each delicious chocolate chip cookie is infused with 150mg of warm tasty Cannabutter. This is a great end of day wind down treat. Exclusive to 150mg THC

Fudge Brownie (500mg)

Our Fudge Brownies are simply put...amazing. All the sweet chocolate goodness of a regular brownie, but with all the kick of the worlds best edible. The chocolate binds perfectly with our cannabis extracts bringing you one of the most intense experiences from an edible. Try one today! Our brownies are always fresh and tasty. This is a potent edible so know your limit and stay within it. Portion appropriately. Keep away from children and pets.

Spring Crispies (150mg THC)

Spring is just about here and we are ready to celebrate snows hibernation. With that, we are happy to present our latest baked good, Spring Crispies. A great twist on a classic treat. With 150mg of THC, this rendition of Rice Crispy Squares will leave you feeling great and full of springs aspirations. Try one today at a great price of only $10! 1 per package