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Blue Dream forestcitygreen

Blue Dream


You've asked for it London and we are happy to deliver. Blue Dream makes its return. This stunning AAA+ Sativa dominant hybrid is as good as it gets. Huge, dense perfectly trimmed buds covered in crystals and perfectly trimmed just bursting with powerful fragrances. Sweet Piney and pungent best describes the aroma wafting out of the bag and is intensified when you break it apart. Though listed as a Sativa dominant hybrid, the buzz from the extremely smooth smoking experience it is quite balanced like a 50/50. The standard high THC counts with this strain envelop the run of the mill Sativa effects and provides you with the experience from the entire spectrum. Prepare to be lifted with a strong cerebral high, followed by a wave of relaxation to your body's core.

Citrus Skunk B forestcitygreen

Citrus Skunk


London's favourite hybrid sativa is back! Citrus Skunk is a heavy sativa hybrid strain that will energize you in ways you can only dream of. Out of the bag, these beautiful buds have a sweet citrus aroma that is followed up in the taste. When smoked you will taste a light lemony sensation followed by a very signature sativa high. Feeling cerebral at first this full-body buzz is uplifting and energizing. Prepare for lots of chats and giggles followed by some grade A munchies. If you're someone who falls asleep with every hit, give Citrus Skunk a try ... and enjoy your high.


Green Goblin

This batch of Green Goblin is so frosted with crystals that it causes the buds to shimmer in the light. Tucked into each core is a multitude of orange hairs to run alongside the sweet, earthy aroma that wafts from the bag. When broken apart you really get the full fragrance experience. The smoke is smooth and even though this strain is a 60/40 sativa dominant one, that 60/40 split will be sure to give you an experience from both sides of the spectrum: sativa and indica. Prepare to be uplifted with a nice cerebral buzz followed by a relaxing and calming as the indica properties of Green Goblin soothes you. FCG SIGNATURE STRAIN!
Mango Haze forestcitygreen

Mango Haze


This batch of Mango Haze is quite the sight to behold. Even sized buds completely engulfed in thick red hairs (pistils) and covered in crystals (trichomes). The pics do these beauties justice. The buds give off a mild sweet citrus aroma and the trim is above average.The smoking experience is smooth and tasty as the fragrances transfer over to the flavour. The high starts out cerebral and eventually provides a tail end relaxed state. That being said, the potency of the high is about mid-range. Smokers looking for a heavy indica experience will not enjoy this strain, but sativa smokers looking for that perfect daytime bud need look no further.

FATMAN Fukushima Moonrocket SATIVA forestcitygreen2

Fatman 2 Gram Fukushima Moon Rocket (Sativa)

$50.00 $40.00

By now we all know that Fukushima makes the best prerolls in Canada. They have been knockouts since they burst on the scene and they are only getting better from there. We are happy to introduce you to the Fatman 2 Gram Fukushima Moon Rocket! (Sativa) Double everything about your Fukushima experience with these huge prerolls that pack even more goodness into the core of each and every roll.

If you have not had the chance to try the National phenomenon known as Fukushima is the time. Only the best of the best for London at! Moonrockets by Fukushima Sativa

Moonrockets by Fukushima – Sativa

Moonrockets are an all bud Fukushima prerolled joint soaked with clear distillate and then covered in high-quality keifs. Proceed with caution, high “green out” factor with these beasts. Moonrockets™ are Canada best selling and favourite preroll. Get them right here at!