Chatral Hash


Chatral Hash is dark and reddish in color, with quite a piquant taste and earthy, fragrant aroma. This batch is harder in texture with a mid-range high. Chatral is a heavy indica cannabis concentrate, which is consumed by people who are suffering from a variety of issues ranging from sleep deprivation to personality ticks, OCD, and anxiety!


Chatral Hash

Chatral Hash is an extremely coveted cut from the motherland of hashish herself, Afghanistan. Chatral hash has such a pleasant fragrance that’s also hard to forget. Stinky with a pungent earthy spice and aromatic sweetness that’s a mixed medley of roasted coffee and Afghani tea. Also this hash will have you recoiling from the taste after each pull. Thick plumes of sweet chocolate on the inhale with a spicy paprika on the exhale await you. Very heavy on the indica end.  Chatral is known for inducing a heavy couch lock also an intoxicating mental haze. Load her up and forget all of your pains and problems as you are carried off into hash heaven.

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