Miracle Alien Cookies

THC: 28.61%
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Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC #1 for short) is more than just a cool name. This 50/50 hybrid strain is a sweet-smelling bud is made up of beautiful kushy flower covered in crystals. The taste is sweet and the smoke is very mellow. The high as advertised is very balanced bringing the best of both worlds in indica and sativa together. The buds are smaller in size and quite dense. Veteran smokers will love this batch of MAC. Enjoy London and let MAC take you to the stars.

THC: 28.61%

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Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC #1)

MAC, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Alien Cookies X (Colombian X Starfighter) strains. Perfect for any hybrid lover who appreciates a super heavy flavor and high, MAC brings on the hard-hitting effects that will have you feeling totally happy with the world around you in no time at all. It starts with a rush of heady effects that fill your mind with a sense of happy creativity and pure euphoria. This is accompanied by a deep-felt relaxation that permeates your very being, leaving you totally calm in both mind and body without a care or pain in the world. Thanks to these effects and its high 14-20% average THC level, MAC is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as insomnia, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, depression, chronic pain and mood swings. This bud has a dank sour citrus flavor with a spicy earthy overtone that sweetens upon exhale. The aroma is of earthy herbs and pungent diesel, all wrapped up in a sour dank overtone that fills any room with its heavy stench. MAC buds have super sticky long grape-shaped minty green nugs with sparse orange hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.

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2 reviews for Miracle Alien Cookies

  1. Meg (verified owner)

    Nice euphoric peak followed by mellow relaxation and calm

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    Dense, smaller buds. Mildly sweet, fruity flavour. Uplifts the mind, relaxes the body. Would buy again.

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