Black Diamond (Greenhouse)

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Black Diamond is a hybrid with mostly indica genetics. It is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, a hybrid derived from OG Kush. This strain delivers a strong, sedative high that still allows for mental lucidity, making it great for concentration and conversation. This indica domination still gives way to some sativa effects. These buds are semi fluffy with so many dark hues that the buds appear almost black, and shimmering from its trichomes. Like a Black Diamond. This greenhouse batch is a small step down from our regular quad version, but the smell, texture, smoke and high are very comparable for an amazing price.


THC: %

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a tasty indica-dominant hybrid. Created by crossing two popular strains, Diamond OG and Blackberry, this rare hybrid is often recommended for medical marijuana patients. Black Diamond offers a great combination of both sativa and indica kind of effects, which makes it perfect for social interactions as well as single smoking sessions.

With generally high levels of THC, the Black Diamond marijuana strain promotes a strong sedative high that allows you to completely relax. On the other hand, this indica-dominant hybrid has some strong sativa characteristics, which allow you to focus on your tasks. As the high continues, you can feel a nice rush of giggliness and happiness, followed by a strong urge for delicious munchies. Affecting both mind and body, Black Diamond allows the user to feel relaxed and able to breathe deeply and more easily. All in all, this indica-dominant hybrid is usually recommended for evening or nighttime use, as its calming and sedative effects can be fully enjoyed right before bedtime.



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