Yukon Jumbo Key Gummies (3000mg THC) Indica

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Canadian Edibles have arrived with a great line of gummies that once again… raise the bar. These tasty Canadian-made gummy treats are soft, sweet and packed with 3000mg of THC goodness. That’s 750mg in each piece and best of all..What a great price! This is a potent edible pack. Please proportion accordingly and stay within your limits.


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Yukon Jumbo Key Gummies (3000mg THC) Indica

Flavour: Sour Keys

Pieces per package:  4 Pieces

THC Content: 3000mg of THC per package, 750mg of THC per piece.


Storage instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place.

WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.

Disclaimer: Cannabis affects all people differently based on factors like genetics, physiology
and lifestyle. How an edible affects others may not affect you in the same way.