Tahoe OG – (Indica) Buzzed Extracts Vape Cartridge 1000mg

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Buzzed Extracts have landed at The new era in your vape experience has begun as the bar has been raised. Top-notch CO2 Honey oil makes up the all-new base for the cartridges which is all housed in a world class construction.  Enjoy the huge line of flavors that come in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. Each package comes with one 1000mg cartridge that fits a standard 510 thread USB rechargeable battery (BATTERY SOLD SEPARATELY). Try one today and see why Buzzed Extracts have produced Canada’s newest premium Vape Cartridge. (One per package)

Tahoe OG – (Indica) Buzzed Extracts Vape Cartridge 1000mg

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Tahoe OG – (Indica) Buzzed Extracts Vape Cartridge 1000mg

Buzzed Extracts is one of the latest players in the vape pen game, and they are definitely competing at a professional level. These Buzzed Extracts 1ml CO2 Honey Oil Vape Refills convenient cartridges are universally threaded and are easily replaceable and interchangeable. Best of all, they come loaded with high-quality CO2 Honey Oil to keep you vaping longer!

Each cartridge comes prefilled with 1ml of your desired strain of pure CO2 honey oil. Buzzed Extracts’ careful extraction process keeps their concentrates loaded with live natural terpenes which provide their own medicinal benefits, as well as providing each strain with its distinct flavour and character. Buzzed Extracts 1ml CO2 Honey Oil Vape Refills has been lab-tested to ensure quality and confirm the absence of unwanted material, and the results are looking good: 78% THC, and 2% CBD! At 80% cannabinoid content, this stuff is as potent as you would expect from a quality concentrate.

Replacing cartridges is as simple as screw-off and screw on the new one! A glass chamber allows for monitoring of the remaining oil, and the otherwise copper construction is eye-catching. These cartridges are compatible with batteries sporting 510 threading, the industry standard for modern vape pens, and are virtually universally compatible. For the best results, use with a 9.5w battery. For those customers who invested in the Toko Gold system, Buzzed Extracts are an excellent alternative that will work with the Toko Gold battery!

We are currently offering Buzzed Extracts 1ml CO2 Honey Oil Vape Refills in a variety of satisfying strains, and we’re confident that there’s something for every medical cannabis need!

Vaporizing cannabis honey oil has noteworthy benefits over smoking flower. Firstly, it’s discrete—the smell is negligible and the neighbours won’t have any idea! Second, inhaling vapour does not involve the same health risks of smoking flower due to the lack of excessive organic material. It also makes use of cool new technology!

Buzzed Extracts are now one of the forerunners of the vape pen refill market—see what these busy bees are all about!

1.0ml (1.1g) Co2 Honey Oil
78% THC, 2% CBD, 0% CBN

Caution: Do not operate heavy machinery. Do not use with alcohol. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Check with your medical practitioner prior to use.


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