RRE Budder – Silver Haze (1g)


Royal Riches Extracts are some of the best concentrates around. we are happy to add them to our concentrates lineup for those of you awaiting the “budder” experience. This extract can be consumed in the same way you smoke shatter, live resin or terp sauce. RRE’s process is a LIVE CO2 extraction leading to the highest in quality each and every time. Get the best of the best, only at forestcitygreen.com.

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RRE Budder – Silver Haze (1g)

Badder/batter and budder are terms used to describe the appearance, texture, and consistency of an extract. The appearance ranges from a greenish-brown to a buttery gold. Badders and budders produced from high-quality cannabis are bright blond and express potent-but-smooth flavors. People choose to dab budder to taste emphasized terpene flavors and for potency.

One of the many consistencies for cannabis concentrates, identified by its malleable texture that looks and feels like cake frosting. Not all Badder looks the same, and the appearance depends on the starting material and methods of extraction. Some Badder is partly sticky, leaning towards the consistency of Sauce, while others look more like Crumble with a bumpier texture.

A cannabis concentrate with a soft, solid consistency similar to a stick of butter. Budder is one of many concentrate textures and appears in Rosin and many solvent-based extractions. A phenomenon called “auto-buddering” can occur with extracts that have not been winterized if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures or excess humidity.

How to consume Badder/Batter and Budder

Dabbing is the most common way to consume these concentrates. Using a dab tool with a flat tip, rather than a dabber with a scoop-style tip, allows consumers to pick up the budder and keep it tacked on the tool. When the flat tip dab tool makes contact with the heated nail, the badder melts and will instantly vaporize. The user then places a cap over the nail to inhale the concentrate vapour. Badder is most often used with handheld dabbers and vape pens, and can also be sprinkled on a bowl or in a blunt.

To experience the desired terpene flavours, the optimal temperature to dab badder/batter and budder is between 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit, or 176.67-204.44 degrees Celsius. This temperature range will ensure that you volatilize all the tasty terpenes without scorching them.


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