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Romulan (and indica dominant hybrid) has become the household name among Canadians and cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. These burly frosted buds are a sight to behold. Covered head to toe in crystal-like trichomes and woven to the core with orange hairs.. this “Alien” strain gets an easy 10/10 for presentation. The aroma out of the bag is nothing to scoff at either. The sweet diesel aroma that jumps out at you is to die for (especially when you break apart the buds).
When smoked you can really taste the terps in this strain more than most. The high brings on maximum relaxation and sedative effects that would be great at the end of the day when its time to TOTALLY wind down and call it quits. This one leads to BED-lock forget couch lock.   AAAA

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The Star Trek Enterprise has just landed, and Romulan is ready to now enter your wavelength. Named appropriately after the Romulan alien-humanoid race from the Star Trek series, this marijuana strain has left an impact – mostly due to its immensely therapeutic qualities. What began first as a joke that the cannabis strain Romulan would “dent your head”, forming ridges (just like one of the key characteristic features of the Romulans in Star Trek), this soon grew to become a legendary strain that has transformed into a household name, featured in such revered publications as Cannabis Culture, High Times, and even Skunk.

Officially classified as an indica strain (which you could have guessed just by reading some of the introductory descriptions), Romulan weed can produce extremely Stoney and even narcotic-like effects, completely melting and sinking the consumer into deep tranquillity with the cherry-on-top of fascinating and introspective cerebral effects. This super gassy diesel strain calls out to all indica lovers that like this characteristic in their bud of choice.  Calling all indica lovers out there. Your next love is on the star deck.

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