Pure OG

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Pure OG is looking great out of the bag. The big and fluffy buds waft with kushy pine and earthy aromas and are all wrapped up in orange hairs, trichomes with dark hues. When smoked, this Indica dominant hybrid is very smooth and easy going down. This batch is perfect for beginners or those looking to still “get things done” as the potent “kick” you get from stronger indica hybrids just is’nt here. It’s more of a middle of the pack level of potency. The indica side of this hybrid is, in fact, dominant so prepare to feel a bit lethargic and quite relaxed after smoking.

Coming to the Forest City at a great price. –AAA

THC: %

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Pure OG

Pure OG brings the best of all worlds to the table, as her THC levels come out to be a very steady 20%. What’s more, between 1% and 2% CBD also fill your body with much-needed relief. A typical dank earthy flavour will come across initially, but as you exhale, this strain takes on a more sweet and nutty taste. Scents tend to match these flavours and are quite pleasing for most. Nugs are a sight to behold here, with dark undertones, deep orange hairs, and a thick layer of trichomes that resemble sand.

However, for this batch, in particular, we would steer customers who are used to our heaviest hitting AAAA strains away from this one. The potency level is, in fact, midrange and great for beginners or those not looking for the strongest mind-numbing high they can find. Or those looking to remain fuctional throughout your day. This is the strain for you.

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