Pink OG

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Pink OG is an “Ocean Grown” strain that is a tasty indica dominant hybrid. Coming from Pink Kush and OG Kush, we see this strain comes from legendary lineage. the medium-sized buds are a brighter green in color with a multitude of red hairs throughout. Prepare for deep relaxation as Pink OG locks you to the couch. AAA

THC: %

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Pink OG

This is a beloved indica dominant hybrid strain. When you consider a bloodline for a strain, it is hard to imagine one stronger than this one. Pink Kush alongside the renowned OG Kush makes up the strong ocean grown lineage of this powerful hybrid. The buds are a medium green with red hairs packed throughout. The abundance of crystals mixed with all the red hairs makes for a nice effect.  As you would expect with this strains’ parents; the aroma out of the bag is very kushy, earthy and pungent.

When smoked, Pink OG is going to target all of those pains and cause a state of full-body relaxation that will spur the need for an abundance of munchies. All of this right before it locks you to the couch like crazy glue. This strain is perfect for the end of the day and nighttime use. The perfect strain to shut it down. Indica lovers everywhere will be pleased with this one. Give it a try today right here at!



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