Pemberton Pink

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Pemberton Pink is a rare indica dominant strain that lakes its way to the Forest City just in time for the heights of summer! This batch is quite the looker for starters as you can see from the pics. The buds are medium to large in size and are cured and trimmed to absolute perfection. The aroma out of the bag is a very unique blend of kushy spice and earthy with a touch of diesel. That all leads to a nice flavour when smoked and a fast-acting high that will have you mellow and relaxed. Vets will give this batch two green thumbs up!

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Pemberton Pink

Pemberton Pink is a rare indica-dominant known for its body relaxing effects. It also boasts an uplifting and euphoric high, perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress and melt away their worries. With an earthy, kushy aroma this bud is sure to satisfy the likes of connoisseurs, recreational and medicinal users .

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