Orange Chronic Cleaner (4oz)

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Orange Chronic Cleaner is the industry leader we turn to when it comes to cleaning our loved ones … our glass. Directions require you to simply soak, shake/swirl and rinse. We suggest a small pipe cleaner to get in the corners to make your glass shine like the day you brought it home.

As Simple As: Soak. Swirl. Rinse (4oz Bottle)

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Orange Chronic Cleaner (4oz)

Orange Chronic Cleaner is the leading solution for all your glass bong cleaning needs. Orange Chronic line is proven to be fast and effective, offering Immediate Results for bong cleaning! Earth Friendly and easy to use.

  • SHAKING SOLUTION No Soaking / No Scrubbing
  • Includes 1 bottle
  • Immediate results
  • No Scrubbing or waiting
  • No After Taste or Smell
  • Easy to Use * Earth Friendly
  • Free Rinsing * Brightens Glass
  • Cleans Glass and Metals (Also Hookahs)