OG Kush

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OG Kush (OG standing for Ocean Grown) is one of those strains that has become legendary over time. The signature tight nugs with woven red hairs and crystal coating followed by the sweet kushy aroma, it is a top-notch ride from beginning to end. This power indica hybrid has become the favourite of many here across North America and will sure to be yours as well after your first pull. AAA

THC: %

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OG Kush

OG Kush is a World famous strain that begins its story in the 1970s in Florida. It wasn’t until the strain was perfected on the West Coast in California. It was there that this strain became known for its unique peppery, earthy and “kushy” fragrances to go along with its generally very high THC counts. It’s no surprise that this flower is considered to be one of the Godfather buds of the all time West Coast “Power Strains”. 

The buds are usually a medium to bright green with orange hairs tucked throughout the flower. With a look at the closeup pics, you can see the abundance of trichomes covering each and every bud. The smoking experience is among the best that can be offered when it comes to an indica dominant hybrid.

OG Kush is known for a smooth smoke with the resulting high creating the perfect indica experience. Prepare for a feeling of full-body relaxation and calming with the ability to tackle a lack of appetite while crushing insomnia. OG Kush’s generally high THC count with these “indica” effects make for a great natural aid with pain relief as well as anxiety. Don’t miss your chance to try one of the most famous strains in the World!

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