Modified Banana

THC: 25.14%
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This craft batch of Modified Banana is made of larger-sized crystal-covered buds that have a sweet and earthy yet kushy aroma. This fact acting high is well balanced and comes to you right in time for our spring and summer get-togethers. This rare strain is here for a limited time only so get your hands on this potent wonder is no more. On SALE now!


THC: 25.14%

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Modified Banana

Modified Banana is a potent strain bred by Skunkhouse Genetics from GMO BX and Banana OG. Its classy GMO-like flavor is herbal and peppery at the same time that it hits your tongue with bright citrus. The feelings you get on this strain encourage mental stimulation and physical relaxation, leaving you pain-free, hungry, and sleepy. For a euphoric, classic stony feeling, a modified banana may do the trick.

The strain’s dominant terpene is Beta-Myrcene, which is the source of the flavor of hops. Users should recognize this herby, balsamic flavor from beers and essential oils. In Modified Banana, the flavor comes out as mild, sweet, and with an aftertaste of musky earth. This includes a taste of banana and pungent floral smells. Some report a strong smell of butter. The strain also contains a healthy dose of Limonene, which imparts that bright citrus tone, as well as Beta-Caryophyllene, which encourages spiciness.


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    Relaxing, smooth, light flavour

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