Moby Dick

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Moby Dick is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a special treat for the Forest City. By looking at the pics you can see that these medium-sized buds are crystal-covered and has red hairs woven throughout. The trim is phenomenal for this level of bud and the high is nothing to scoff at either. If you are a regular to our AAAA strains the potency level may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a good strain to smoke throughout the day to remain functional, this buds for you! At only $5 a gram this batch is sure to please.


THC: %

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Moby Dick

For a cannabis strain with such brilliance and so much to share with the world, it seems fitting that it would be named after one of the Earth’s largest mammals, the whale. Moby Dick marijuana strain might immediately make you reminisce back to the days of high school when the paperback classic by the same name was often a mandatory assignment for most teenagers, but luckily the marijuana version is a whole lot more enjoyable and probably won’t make you fall asleep out of boredom.

Quite the contrary, Moby Dick marijuana strain packs a massive punch, bringing about surges of euphoric energy and a cerebral, buzzing high. Winning the Soft Secret’s “Girl of the Year” award in 2010, this marijuana strain has been on the connaisseur and medical patient radar for quite some time, and its genetic lineage can greatly explain why it happened to turn out as such a beautiful and balanced pairing of aromas, flavours, attributes and characteristics.

New cannabis consumers be warned, Moby Dick in large quantities is not for those who are unused to marijuana and its effects; the high from this plant can hit you fast, often overwhelming the body and mind with great immensity. If you are ready and desiring a high this potent, then MD could become your quintessential, go-to cannabis strain.



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