THC: 21.37%
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This beautiful multicoloured batch of McFlurry is the perfect summer treat. The bright and dark green encompassed by purple hues and orange hairs makes for quite the sight to see. A very gassy and kushy aroma jumps out at you off the hop and the taste follows. This high is fast acting and follows the traits of a balanced hybrid leaving you lifted while strapped to the couch. Enjoy London!


THC: 21.37%

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McFlurry strain is an extremely rare and evenly balanced hybrid strain at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This baby packs a punch to go with the amazing blend of sweet and sour flavors. McFlurry’s origins are unknown. But once you smoke this it won’t even matter. It doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve never tried an exotic and rare strain like this, you might not get another chance.

According to users in the marijuana community, McFlurry provides a true hybrid high. It initially starts off as a cerebral-focused high, instantly killing any negative thoughts and feelings you’re currently feeling. Users will feel giddy and happy, with a great sense of euphoria washing over their minds and body. This is a clear-headed high, allowing users to have some incredible insight into their lives. That’s because you’ll start to think inward and reflect, all from a positive angle. As the high progresses, you’ll notice the rest of your body is feeling loose – all aches and pains are no longer noticeable. But you’ve only just noticed it now! This is a great strain to use for nighttime activities, such as dinner with friends. Therefore, we recommend this strain for evening use.

McFlurry is best known for its ability to boost the user’s mood and alleviate stress. Achieving this with its uplifting cerebral stimulation. It also provides a boost in creative energy for those who are feeling down or unmotivated. With this strain, most users reported a calming effect, allowing them to think clearly and stay motivated for the task at hand. Moreover, it’s effective in reducing pain as well, as reported by many medical users.

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2 reviews for McFlurry

  1. Darren M. (verified owner)

    Love it 😀

  2. Bobby D. (verified owner)

    It depends if your tired or not.

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