Kootenay Labs Shatter – Many Strains Too Choose From


Kootenay Labs Shatter has arrived London! With an array of strains to choose from, there is something for every preference. You can always rest assured that you are getting the highest quality organic shatter with the most potency from this respected lab. These come to you at a great price London so don’t miss out! If you have not tried shatter yet.. now is the time.


Kootenay Labs Shatter – Many Strains Too Choose From

Shatter has evolved significantly over the past ten years. Our journey begins with locally sourced, artisanal cured, living soil organic Kootenay Cannabis. Utilizing a state-of-the-art, supercooled, Canadian-made extraction system, we process with meticulous care to preserve the terpenes, resulting in a pristine shatter that snaps effortlessly into your bowl.

We confidently issue a challenge today: our shatter is unparalleled in the country. We invite you to experience and judge for yourself.


Shatter, with its flawless amber glass transparency, has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of extract. But translucence isn’t necessarily the tell-tale sign of quality. The consistency and texture of oil come down to different factors entirely.

The reason shatter comes out perfectly clear has to do with the molecules. Which, if left undisturbed, form a glass-like appearance. Heat, moisture, and high terpene contents can also affect the texture, turning oils into a runnier substance that resembles sap (hence the commonly used nickname “sap”). Cannabis Oils with a consistency that falls somewhere between glassy shatter and viscous sap is often referred to as “pull-and-snap.”

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Strains - Kootenay Lab Shatter

Amnesia Haze Sativa Hybrid, Banana Punch Hybrid, Black Diamond Indica, Blueberry Indica, Blue Cheese Hybrid, Bob Marley Sativa, Candy Store Hybrid, Chocolate OG Indica, Dark Vader Indica, Dutch Crunch Indica Hybrid, Golden Goat Sativa Hybrid, Grape Diamonds Hybrid, Green Crack Sativa Hybrid, Juicy Wreck Sativa, King Tut Sativa, Kush Breath Indica, Mag Landrace, Mimosa Sativa, Pineapple Express Sativa Hybrid, Platinum Champagne Sativa, Purple Haze Sativa, Romulan Indica, Slurricane Indica, Sour Haze Sativa, Strawberry Cough Sativa Hybrid, Sunday Driver Hybrid, Super Lemon Haze Sativa, Tropicana Cookies Sativa Hybrid, Vortex Sativa Hybrid, White Guava Indica


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