Jet Fuel

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If you’ve been feeling low and slow lately, Jet Fuel is here to get you up and running. This sativa dominant hybrid is an extremely energizing strain and may cause you to giggle and become quite euphoric, so beware if you think of doing this one before work. As for the taste, it is quite diesel-like and by no means a fruity dessert of a strain, so if you don’t mind it’s pungency, Jet Fuel is here to pump you up. Calling all connoisseurs. AAAA

THC: %

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Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is a combination of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, this Sativa hybrid will provide high-energy euphoria and keep you happy all day long. The name Jet Fuel hints on the notes of Diesel fuel odors, but are not heavily pronounced.

Buds are tight and dense, with a deep dark green. The hairs are small, dark orange but present. A nicely done trim job with only a few partial small leaf fragments remaining that are really well coated with crystal in the first place. The crystals are tiny, but heavily distributed, granted this looks like it will be a very good smoke.

Aromas from this weed are very sweet, earthy and pungent from the diesel-like hints, but I would not claim the diesel or fuel like odour to be over-powering but a complement to the sweetness.

You can expect a happy, energetic high from this Jet Fuel smoke and generally speaking this Sativa is going to put you in a good mood. Many people believe it has medical benefits to help reduce pain, stress, depression, and fatigue after all this is a heavily dominant Sativa strain.

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