ICED Grapefruit – Terp Sauce (1g)


ICED Grapefruit by Female Seeds is a hybrid strain that brings together genetics from ICE and Grapefruit. The resulting hybrid leans slightly to the sativa side, offering uplifting and happy effects that keep the positivity flowing. The physically relaxing qualities of this strain come from its ICE parent, an indica-dominant hybrid cherished for its sedating effects. Both parents come through in the flavor as hashy notes intermix with sweet citrus and fruit.

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ICED Grapefruit – Terp Sauce (1g)

Demonstrating various effects often seen in a variety of strains, ICED Grapefruit might possibly be one of the more perfect smokes out there. Like the name entails, it’s a hybrid that generates from ICE and Grapefruit into a strain that’s roughly 60% sativa and 40% indica. Users love it for its sweet smell and relaxing high, and it works beautifully for both recreational and medical users alike.

Coming in at a fairly moderate THC range from about 22% to 24%, ICED Grapefruit can be used recreationally without impeding your ability to function. People often have to stop themselves from smoking too much though, because the smell and taste are nearly intoxicating! Notes of grapefruit and sweet citrus permeate the dense frosty nugs, and when squeezed they exude a delicious smelling resin.

Upon exhale, users note a bit of a hashy taste but mostly identify with more spicy citrus notes. The high hits you pretty quickly, as a euphoric and relaxed mindset invades you. Instead of being glued to the couch, however, you’ll be able to flow with the positive vibes and feel focused with a burst of energy. Many feel a buzz from ICED Grapefruit, and the physical effects of the high are primarily felt in the face and upper area of the body.

ICED Grapefruit transitions from typical sativa qualities to more of an indica high as you travel on your journey, and after a few hours you’ll start to feel immensely dreamy and calm. Coming down creates a fairly sedated feeling, which is why this strain is often used by those who have trouble sleeping.



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