Ice Wine

THC: 23.71%


To say that these buds look like they took a bath in crystals would be a huge understatement. They look like they were sandblasted by crystals from the inside out. The trichomes make the buds look very bright barely leaving any room for the orange hairs and darker hues to come through. This is one of the nicer-smelling indica hybrids as it gives off a piney and sweet kushy aroma out of the bag. The high is very balanced with this batch .. prepare for your favourite chair which you couchlock in to start floating. Enjoy London!

THC: 23.71%

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Ice Wine

Ice Wine is an ultra rare hybrid marijuana strain. According to information found online, this strain was created by Terra Firma Exclusives by crossing Pimp Slap with a cross of (Oregon Grapes x 1988 G13 HashPlant). The result is an amazing bud that is amazingly caked and packed of flavour! It’s hard to find another strain that compares quite like this one. The buds are dense and will take all the stress away from you. After a long day of work, instead of reaching for that bottle of wine, reach for that green KS bag filled with Ice Wine buds. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Users of Ice Wine within the marijuana community report that this strain does not provide an immediate high. However, it provides a high that gradually mounts, first starting off as a head focused buzz. Users report feeling a clear-headed high that provides them with a nice uplifting high. Users are much happier and in better spirits. There is also a very nice boost of creative energy, providing users with that mental motivation to tackle that task at hand. This boost in creativity is not an overwhelming type but more of a relaxed, gradual onset that allows users to think clearly. After the head focused effects wear off, the body effects will begin to set in. Your body from head to toe will start to feel a lot more relaxed and at ease. This is definitely a versatile strain that has many uses. KS recommends this for use in the afternoon or night.




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