THC: 20.01%
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This batch of Hi-Wire borders on the line of a craft strain. Take a good look at the pictures and you will see the makings of an all-quality strain. These medium-sized buds give off a sweet kushy aroma out of the bag and when smoked, the high kicks in fast and robust. Vets will love this batch of Hi-Wire.


THC: 20.01%

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This super exotic beautiful strain has fresh baked blueberry muffins on the nose and earthy fresh baked goods on the exhale. It literally tastes like its smells almost. This is a slightly Indica Dominant strain and will not couch lock you. Although it does deliver a super relaxed state but just enough to stay functional for any tasks you may need to get done or just to be social. Amazing smoke and super rare. unsure of the genetics.


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2 reviews for Hi-Wire

  1. Christopher B. (verified owner)

    Excellent scent and Great flavour , this is one of my new favourites

  2. Crystal B. (verified owner)

    Smells amazing

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