Green Hulk

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Green Hulk (not to be confused with Incredible Hulk) is a very rare indica dominant hybrid very akin to Bruce Banner. Dense, perfectly trimmed crystal-covered buds give off a sweet kushy aroma that transfers directly to the taste when smoked. The effects feel very 50/50 with a “pie-eyed” face/cerebral high to start – followed by a nice even relaxed state. This is the perfect afternoon to even strain to have when you’re ready to wind down your day.

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Green Hulk aka God’s Green Hulk

A very rare hybrid cannabis strain that is slightly Indica dominant and which every connoisseur would advise you to try as long as you have the chance. If you buy God’s Green Hulk online in Canada from our store, you will be able to give yourself this treat.

The strain is approximately 55% Indica and 45% Sativa and has a high THC level of around 22 to 25%. It was created by crossing the now extremely famous God’s Gift with the strain called Green Crack. One of the main reasons why the resulting strain is called God’s Green Hulk is because it packs a punch or a heavy high which will make it perfect for those days or nights when all you want to do is relax.

God’s Green Hulk provides a wonderful head and body high. Be careful because as wonderful as it is, it will be super heavy. The strain is called the Hulk for a reason. As the high begins to kick in, you may start to feel it building up lightly right at the onset.

Users typically report a slight tingling at the back of the head during this phase of the high. This tingle can then spread through the rest of your mind and make you feel energized and full of creativity. However, body high will follow soon enough. This will pack a punch as well and it may leave you feeling entirely relaxed, but experiencing the same tingles you felt at the back of the head.

As a result, you can buy God’s Green Hulk online in case you have migraines, depression, ADHD, ADD, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, or nausea. Some users state to having had success in dealing with all these symptoms while using God’s Green Hulk.

Not only is this a very rare strain, but God’s Green Hulk also tastes amazing as well. When you break apart each nug, you will start to feel the scent of rich and sweet mango mixed with tropical fruits that are slightly on the tangy side. When you burn the nugs, they will retain this wonderful tropical flavor but with an earthier effect to it.

The bud has forest green nugs that are spade shaped and quite fluffy in appearance. They are mingled with purple leaves as well as small and bright orange hairs. When you buy God’s Green Hulk online in Canada, look for amber crystal trichomes on the surface of the nug.


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