Grease Monkey

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This batch of Grease Monkey is stunning. The buds are medium to large in size with a multitude of crystals, orange hairs and the perfect resin/density ratio. The indica dominant hybrid has a beautiful gassy and kushy aroma out of the bag which leads to the expected award-winning high that you can only expect from a strain of this stature. Pain relief, muscle relaxation and the melting away of all your worries are just the start of this maximum indica experience with this top-notch strain. Indica lovers, try some today.


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Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with an indica/sativa ratio of 70%/30%. This amazingly potent hybrid was created by crossing the tasty Cookies & Cream strain with the world-famous Gorilla Glue #4 strain. The strain promotes a lazy body-stone effect while inducing some delicate mental stimulation. Carrying the musky and sweet flavor, Grease Monkey will remind many of you the popular Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain.

Grease Monkey’s buds have a characteristically indica appearance, with dense and solid buds of medium size. The flowers adhere in elongated, conical shapes. The leaves themselves appear pale green and are shot through with hairy, dark orange pistils. Perhaps most impressively, sticky white trichomes cling like frost to the inner and outer surfaces of the buds, accounting for this strain’s trippy effects and making it very difficult to break apart without the help of a grinder.

Calling all indica lovers out there. Your next love is on deck. Give it a try today right here at and don’t forget to leave a review!




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