Grape Milkshake

THC: 24.68%


Ladies and Gents, we usher in our next top-of-the-top shelf craft strain that will blow you away. Grape Milkshake is a very very dense bud that gives off a sweet fruity aroma out of the bag. These crystal-covered beauties break apart big and have an even sweeter smell when doing so. Calling veteran smokers to judge this amazing high. It is listed as an indica, however, it feels like a very fasting 50/50. This will be a cerebral starting buzz that will quickly envelop your whole body. Don’t miss out on this very tasty craft strain!


THC: 24.68%

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Grape Milkshake

Grape Milkshake by Gastown is an Indica weed strain that also makes its Sativa side known through its subtle uplifting, euphoric, and focused high. The high THC levels of this cannabis bud average approximately around 27%, resulting in effects that can be just the right strength for experienced users, while they may be a bit too intense for novice enthusiasts. Gastown Collective are premier cannabis breeders and producers. They are known as one of the most renowned growers in Canada for their great-quality strains.  Meaning, Grape Milkshake carries great qualities in both effects and taste. The flavour of this marijuana plant is dominantly grape with a funky twist of wood and skunk notes.

Grape Milkshake by Gastown is a strain that can fit into your late afternoon or evening, depending on the dosage you consume and your tolerance. The cerebral high of this weed bud may offer a nice focus that could be fitting to work on some low-key tasks. This probably won’t launch you into some heavy analytical thinking, but more so create a mental state of relaxation and ease.

With the relaxing properties of this cannabis strain, besides your mind pushing anxious thoughts into the background, you may also notice your body easing up from tensions and aches. This may motivate you towards low-key physical activities around the house.

Depending on the dosage you consume in relation to your tolerance, as the physical high of Grape Milkshake settles more into your body, you may feel more and more relaxed into such a comforting state that might convince you to forget about everything else, and go lounge with a good movie for the rest of your evening.

In some cases, as the high starts to wear off, feelings of sleepiness may come around. This probably won’t hit you hard, but it might be the right amount of sleepy high to help you fall asleep more easily.

Grape Milkshake has a deliciously smooth aroma and taste. Grapes are the dominant notes to be enjoyed when smoking this strain, followed by woody and skunk undertones. The smoke, aroma, and taste of this weed strain can be quite smooth and creamy for an enjoyable experience.

At some point, Grape Milkshake might cause your appetite to break out asking for some munchies. If you will be lounging on the couch with a great movie, grab some delicious snacks to make your relaxation not just a better one, but a tasty one as well.

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