Cherry Kush

THC: 27.19%
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This beautiful batch of Cherry Kush is made of up DENSE beautifully trimmed buds with a perfect cure. There is a sweet fragrance that jumps out of the bag. The buds break up big so you won’t need much for a great session. The buds are medium in size and are a brighter green with tightly woven red hairs; all begging to be smoked. Get your hands on some FCG craft strains today!


THC: 27.19%

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Cherry Kush

Cherry Kush, also known as Cherry Pie, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70. That makes for a body high ideal for late nights and insomnia. With THC levels reaching 20%, this is a potent strain with strong medical effects. It’s best for treating sleep disorders, migraines, minor body pains, and chronic stress. It’s also effective at treating nausea and lack of appetite. CBD levels are much lower, about 0.5%, so this strain isn’t recommended for seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD. Cherry Kush is a descendant of OG Kush and a Purple Afghani, both indicas. It’s used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and nausea, as well as lack of appetite and chronic pain. The Cherry Kush high is body-focused, with strong couch-lock and deep relaxation. It’s strongly euphoric and induces sleep. Side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and strong hunger. The buds are bright green and frosted with a dense layer of trichomes. This strain has a sweet, pungent flavor with hints of berry. Cherry Kush is widely popular across the United States, though it’s easiest to find in legal markets on the West Coast.

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2 reviews for Cherry Kush

  1. Vampi393 (verified owner)

    This batch of Cherry Kush is so hard you could break glass with it. Once you do rip into it the awesome scent of it immediately hits you in the face. Tastes nice and sweet as well. Mainly it gets you real high, and my tolerance is pretty high. So enjoy , I highly recommend. Especially this September 2023 batch , get some before it’s all gone.

  2. Vampi393 (verified owner)

    Wow I sure wasn’t expecting this. After purchasing that first half oz of Cherry Kush last Thursday and enjoying it so much that just this Sunday after I gave that review I ordered an ounce this time. When I ripped my order open on Tuesday morning not only was my ounce ( which was a hair under 29 grams , weighed by double digit scales ) inside but Weedy the owner threw in a free 150 THC mg Cookie. Now that’s an awesome company to deal with.

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