Cactus Haze

THC: 24.32%


Sativa’s finally have a heavyweight champion in the corner. This craft batch of Cactus Haze is made of bright green crystal-covered dense buds. The citrus aroma out of the bag alone; is “craft worthy”. As you can see from the photos, the buds are just caked in crystals making them a very light shade of green. The buzz is everything you would expect from a top-shelf sativa. Prepare for lots of giggles, creative boosts and a cerebral high like no other.


THC: 24.32%

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Cactus Haze

This craft batch of Cactus Haze is simply incredible. If you have been a fan of any Sativa citrus-type strains, then you have found your holy grail. This batch out of the bag emits a strong fruity and citrus aroma that can only be rated at 10/10. Be sure to take a string whiff when it’s broken up to experience this at its best. The buds are medium in size and bright green due to a caking of crystal trichomes all over the flower. They break up perfectly and when smoked you can expect a fast-acting hard-hitting Sativa that brings it best from its Indica side as well just from sheer potency. This batch of Cactus Haze is a Sativa hybrid strains final form. You can always expect the cream of the crop from FCG Craft batches.

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