Blue Slushie – Gas Gang Vape Pen (1000mg)

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The perfect strain on a hot afternoon or a night to take you to the moon. Blue Slushie is the child of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert and will leave you completely relaxed. With its bright fruity and citrus flavors, it’s perfect for everyone.

Blue Slushie – Gas Gang Vape Pen (1000mg)

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Blue Slushie – Gas Gang Vape Pen (1000mg)

Londoners love their full flavour when it comes to vape pens. Gas gang Vape Pens have raised the flavour bar to the maximum with each of their signature flavours. These fully disposable pens come with a rechargeable battery (port is on the bottom – see pics), have great construction guaranteeing no cracks or leaks. The pen is also buttonless leaving less chance for a hardware malfunction. Just pull and enjoy the best of the best. Each variation of oil is lab-tested and contains premium THC Distillate. Each reached a sky-high potency of 92% – 96%. Enjoy the maximum flavour and maximum high from the best in the business. Gas Gang Vape Pens!

1 review for Blue Slushie – Gas Gang Vape Pen (1000mg)

  1. Cole

    Perfect for new users or someone who likes portable; on the go use, that fits in most things, smells and tastes just like a blue slushie, and lasts a decently long time depending on how often you use it – personally I’d recommend 10/10 (second time buying it now)

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