Blue Rhino

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This absolutely beautiful AAAA indica dominant hybrid, Blue Rhino is a sight to behold. This sight is only trumped by its smoking experience. This cross of Blueberry and White Rhino brings all the best from these two strains to the table. The balance is close to a 50/50 and the effects from smoking definitely back that up. The buds are medium to large in size and cured and trimmed to actual perfection. Out of the bag, there is a sweet kushy aroma that you will fall in love with. Now hold on, when smoked the effects will hit hard and fast. You will be uplifted and calmed and relaxed as you melt into your couch.


THC: %

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Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino is an indica dominant strain, it has a 55:45 indica/sativa ratio and an exceptional 20% THC content. Additionally, Blue Rhino is known for its outstanding 2% CBD count which does more than offer a sensational high. Blue Rhino produces dense and large buds that are great to medicate with. The strain is produced by crossing White Rhino and Blueberry and is quite popular among the cannabis community for its balanced effects. As for the taste and smell, they are no different than another and deliver a perfect blend of earthy and sweet flavors for you to enjoy. The immediate effects of the strain include a strong sense of euphoria which is then followed by a body buzz that is equally powerful and is fully capable of knocking out individuals who are new to smoking cannabis. However, experienced users will feel energetic and find themselves feeling sharp and focused. Some users may also benefit from an increase in creativity. However, smoking too much of the strain does have its drawbacks including headaches, paranoia and dizziness. But then again, the strain is quite effective at treating several medical conditions, like mood disorders, stress, anxiety, depression and anorexia.


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