Black Gas

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Black Gas in a heavy indica dominant hybrid strain that follows the general description below to a tee. By looking at the pics you can see that these medium to larger in size buds are perfectly trimmed and absolutely covered in crystals just waiting to take you down. The aroma bursts out of the bag and wraps you in a gassy vs kush fragrance for the ages. When broken apart the smell is intensified all leading to a great indica smoking experience. The great gassy flavour followed by a full-body relaxation and official couch lockdown make this strain and batch, in particular, a 10/10. Get some while supplies last London!


THC: %

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Black Gas

Black Gas is a premium, rare, and pure Indica strain that is soon to be a BC legend. Known for its long-lasting high and uber relaxing effects.  The Black Gas is a strong 90% indica originally bred by BC Bud Depot. This strain dates back to the late 1980’s, originating in California and on Vancouver Island.  As a characteristic of many indicas, this strain is optimally used for pain relief and as a sleeping aid. The Black was named after its unique growing characteristics: frosty leaves with dark hues.

The nose on this bad boy is something really special. Its SUUUUPER dank featuring heavy diesel fuel and crisp BC pine trees after a lovely sweet rain. If you’re looking for couch lock then go all in, if you’re looking for mellow relaxation then take this one easy and enjoy.


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