Dutch Crunch – Kootenay Labs Shatter – INDICA HYBRID 1g


Kootenay Labs Shatter has arrived London! With an array of strains to choose from, there is something for every preference. You can always rest assured that you are getting the highest quality organic shatter with the most potency from this respected lab. These come to you at a great price London so don’t miss out! If you have not tried shatter yet.. now is the time.

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Dutch Crunch – Kootenay Labs Shatter – INDICA HYBRID 1g

With origins in Holland and California, Dutch Crunch is a delightful combination of the sativa Jack Herer and Dutch Treat, a popular indica-dominant hybrid. It has a sativa/indica ratio of 20:80, so the body effects dominate. THC concentrations have been measured at greater than 21%, making this an especially potent medical choice. CBD levels, on the other hand, are less than 2%, so this isn’t recommended as a treatment for epilepsy or other diseases that respond to CBD. The body buzz is powerful and calming, leading to a deeply relaxed experience. It’s best saved for late at night or rainy days. Dutch Crunch can be used to relieve the symptoms of fatigue, pain, and anxiety, while it’s also a good appetite stimulant for patients who need to gain weight. Expect a smooth pine flavor and a fruity, minty pine smell. Negative effects aren’t widely reported, but likely include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Unlike its parents, Dutch Crunch isn’t widely sought by patients, but it can provide effective relief to many. It’s probably most common on legal markets in Amsterdam and California.


Shatter, with its flawless amber glass transparency, has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of extract. But translucence isn’t necessarily the tell-tale sign of quality. The consistency and texture of oil come down to different factors entirely.

The reason shatter comes out perfectly clear has to do with the molecules. Which, if left undisturbed, form a glass-like appearance. Heat, moisture, and high terpene contents can also affect the texture, turning oils into a runnier substance that resembles sap (hence the commonly used nickname “sap”). Cannabis Oils with a consistency that falls somewhere between glassy shatter and viscous sap is often referred to as “pull-and-snap.”


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